ReGa's Fashion intends to market its clothing line as an alternative to existing clothiers and home décor lines, and differentiate itself by marketing strategies, exclusiveness, and high quality custom productivity. Overtime, we plan to strengthen our partnerships as a retailer, by developing brand awareness.

The key message associated with the ReGa's Fashion line is classy, upscale, versatile, and competitively priced products. Our company's promotional plan is diverse and includes a range of socioeconomic friendly and trendy styles. We also, have developed an educational component to serve our community comprising of classes, workshops, seminars, private training and how to do videos, etc.

ReGa's Fashion is a start-up manufacturer of an upscale line of products made from raw textiles targeting the fashion and home décor sectors. Strategically based in Toronto, Ontario, ReGa's Fashion, not only develops a high quality and fashionable clothing line, but also an eye catching home décor line, while being supported with advertising and promotion campaigns.

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