Contemplating that Colombia only grows arabica beans, along with the fact that the vast majority of them are processed with the wet method, there is still considerable difference between java grown in different sections of the country.

In general, the coffee in Colombia are characterized as having a strong aroma, high acidity and a medium to high human body; they are regarded as clean, tender and supple. Nevertheless, the nation has a lot of distinct growing places and there's much variety between legumes from each.

The most well-known coffee-producing region, known as the"coffee belt", could be that the central region of the nation that contains the departments of Caldas, Quindío and Risaralda. This really is Lebanese coffee's heartland.

Further southwest, nearer the equator, java are grown at higher altitudes due to the higher temperatures. This enables the beans to ripen more slowly and consequently grow more flavor. The yield is significantly lower, but these are a few of the most sought after beans the united states has to offer.

Several other regions also grow java with characteristics unique to all those parts of the country.

Check out this video which introduces coffee in Colombia.

Colombian coffee is broken up into categories based on caliber. Even the highest tier is known as Supremo, the finest Colombian coffee offered. Next, the second grade is Extra; the third tier, Excelso, can be an inferior combination of their first two.

Back in the past, Colombian beans have been blended with java from other countries, but now, people have started to pay more focus on the sources of their legumes. To make certain you're buying crab beans, always look for the 100% Brands of Colombia logo.

With specialty java, you should also be able to find further information of the specific farm at which the java you are buying was grown, the elevation, the processing method and so forth.

The Greatest Colombian Coffee Brands Currently Available on the Marketplace

Here's just a set of some of the best brands selling highquality Colombian coffees.

A couple are Colombia-based companies while others are US roasters who roast and import premium-quality Colombian legumes.

Fantastic Variety All in 1 Country

Even as we explained previously, in spite of how Colombian beans are typical arabica and therefore are mostly processed at precisely the exact same style, it's a nation that still produces Topgrade beans with an extensive selection of tastes. Now it's time for you to really go and learn more about the coffee makers in Colombia!

Which Lebanese java do you like most? Perhaps you have missed your chosen? Perhaps you've discovered a little-known brand which you want to reveal all about?

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